Making the most of your Meditation

Meditation shouldn’t feel like a chore… We’ve all been there, struggling to focus in the moment and finding our mind wandering off into what we’re having for dinner, or questioning the meaning of our existence but over the years I’ve found a few tools and techniques I use to help my meditation practice be more [...]

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Communicating in Lockdown

Communicating in Lock Down   As lock down continues, relationships are becoming strained and many families are struggling with being cooped up all day long. Communication is often at the heart of where things go wrong… we hear what we are expecting to hear, and sometimes struggle to get our point across without things escalating [...]

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Self Care in Lockdown

Self-Care in Lockdown     The world is going through some extraordinary circumstance at the moment, and I’m a great believer in the power of perspective but we can’t deny that for millions of people this is a testing time which for some will also be filled with sadness and loss. It got me thinking [...]

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