Law of Attraction & Vision Board Workshop

Curious about the Law of Attraction?  Heard folk talk about manifesting things, and want to know more?

Join me for this interactive introduction to the Law of Attraction and Vision Board Workshop.

The Law of Attraction is world renowned and is steeped in science. Celebs such as Jay-Z, Connor McGregor, Oprah, Lady Gaga and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all well known for their belief in it, and talk publicly about how they have used these teachings to manifest success.

This 2 hour session will be split into two sections

In the first hour we will :

  • Look at the basics of what the Law of Attraction is
  • Hear from people who have used the Law of Attraction to manifest things
  • Understand the principles of manifesting.

In the second hour we will construct our vision board. You’ll need some craft resources for this section, but on booking the workshop, a short video will be emailed to talk you through what you need. These resources will cost no more than £10 and many of them may be items you already have at home.

The session will be held on zoom, and spaces are limited to allow for interaction. You won’t be asked to speak unless you feel comfortable doing so but the session will be interactive at points so the more you feel able to get involved the more you will get out of the session.

The session will run from 7-9pm with a short comfort break in the middle. There will also be time for questions at the end.

If you have any questions, you can email

Investment:  £30

Dates Available

Wed 7th July 2021
Wed 1st Dec 2021