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At the Zen Zone Lanarkshire our mission is to help people become savvy about their own self-care. We use methods steeped in science and research to help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, lift low mood and promote better overall wellbeing. In a world where every second counts, we help you look after your most valuable asset… You!

We have a wealth of experience in helping people understand themselves and pride ourselves on helping clients make sustainable changes. Don’t wait until you are feeling burnt out to access help – do it today.

We also specialise in helping employers build resilient, productive teams. Our services can help you identify the most appropriate support, and help you build and implement a wellbeing strategy – either in the form of training sessions for staff, or by offering mindfulness sessions, meditation workshops or reiki to employees. To find our more, click here.

Karen Lafferty BA(Hons) MBACP (Accred)


About Us

The Zen Zone Lanarkshire is a little bit special and a big bit different.

We work with the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to ensure that all of our methods are not only effective, but have the maximum impact for our clients. We have worked across a variety of different sectors supporting both individuals and teams. We take time to listen and really understand our clients requirements and build bespoke packages to match.

We know how important good support can be and the real difference this can make, because we were created by someone who has her own lived experience of being a compulsive over worker. Our founder Karen worked for several years in the third sector, managing projects by day and running her own counselling practice in the evening. While she loved both roles, there was a finite limit to how long she could keep those plates spinning. In a bid for a better life, she began her own journey into better self care, trying out new ways of looking after herself and found a new appreciation for a better way of living. Now, a few years on Karen is a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher and continues to run her counselling practice, Continuum Counselling.

1:1 Sessions

Group Sessions

We can come out to your group to deliver sessions on:

Sessions are always interactive, and we pride ourselves with helping participants make real sustainable changes in their day to day lives. We provide all session materials including handouts. All we ask is that you provide the venue and bring along an open mind.

*Our sessions are for people aged 18 and over, and the minimum number we require is 6 participants. A 50% deposit is required to book your session, with the balance payable on the day.

Workplace Sessions

The Health and Safety Executive published stats recently which showed that in 2018/2019 12.8 million working days were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety. We know that good self-care promotes better mental health, leading to less workplace absence and improved productivity.

Our sessions bring staff teams together to understand their own self care needs, and how they can support each other better in their workplace settings. We use a variety of tools and techniques such as mindfulness, and meditation as well as providing education on how the brain-body connection works. We have a passion for science and believe that teaching people why they respond to stress the way they do is much more powerful than just techniques to manage it.

All of our sessions are bespoke and start with an initial consultation with the team manager to understand the pressures faced by the team. From there we will design a package of interventions to be delivered onsite to your team. These may be one off training sessions, or rolling programmes of wellbeing sessions.

One recent client has opted to implement monthly mindfulness sessions for their staff on a Monday morning which we facilitate. Another recent company we supported had us along to their team development day to talk about the impact of stress and teach meditation to their teams.

Sessions start from just £80 for a 1-hour onsite session. To arrange a free consultation to discuss your team’s needs contact us here.


I took part in a few of Karen’s meditation sessions and absolutely loved them. I was a bit apprehensive at first and wasn’t sure meditation was for me, I though it was a bit hippyish.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Using her guided meditation, I managed to relax enough to have a proper nights sleep during lockdown. That’s a rarity!

The calming effect it had on me was phenomenal. It let my mind rest. I also followed her Law Of Attraction meditation  and I was blown away. I am a big believer in The Secret and have tried visualisation before.  But this was something else! Such a calming voice and easy instructions, Karen can make you listen and understand without effort. This for me was outstanding.

I’ve participated in these sessions several times and I now look forward to the next one. It’s my little bit of “me time” and let’s me get back on track when I lose my way. I can’t recommend this enough. Everyone should be trying this. It’s amazing how something so relatively simple can change your thoughts and your attitude.  It can turn your bad day good!!

Thank you Karen.  You’ve helped me more than you could do believe and have been a ray of light during this horrible time.


During lockdown I have taken part on various online medications provided by the fantastic Karen, including, chakras, focusing, gratitude and law of attraction.

These have been absolutely fantastic and are really helping me at this time. Karen has also sent me Reiki from a distance and this was greatly recieved. Karen is very calming on the sessions and has a fantastic vibe that she sends out. I love meditation and before lockdown never made the time but this will now become part of my new normal going forward. If you have not tried this before or feel hesitant,  please give it a go with an open mind, I guarantee you will not regret it.

I can not recommend Karen enough and will be continuing with Karen’s services in the future. If you have not done so, give it a go and let Karen relax your mind and body


I had never thought of meditation as a support for my health or understood the potential benefits.  Since meeting Karen I have taken part in guided meditation, mindfulness sessions and various different meditation sessions focusing on breathing techniques, body scan.

I have adopted mindfulness into my daily routine, taking even five minutes when doing the dishes or during a meal to actually experience everything that is going on.  I appreciate simple things more, noticing a particular tree or the sensation of the wind.

It has helped when I feel overwhelmed and particularly during the current lockdown I am aware and can respond when feeling anxious or low.

This has been a wonderful experience and Karen is super supportive and very  knowledgeable.

I was sceptical when I first went to a session, but I enjoy being kind to myself and looking after my physical and mental wellbeing.  I would encourage anyone to give it a try,  be kind to yourself.


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