Self-Care in Lockdown



The world is going through some extraordinary circumstance at the moment, and I’m a great believer in the power of perspective but we can’t deny that for millions of people this is a testing time which for some will also be filled with sadness and loss. It got me thinking about what we CAN do, rather than focusing on what we CAN’T do at the moment… I came up with the following suggestions which isn’t an exhaustive list, more some reflections from me that may be of use to you in these difficult times…

Control the Controllable

When it feels like life is spiralling out of control, and life is at the mercy of others, go back to basics… focus on what you have control of, not what you haven’t. I was reminded of this while having a coffee in my garden as the sun was setting. As I took a moment to myself I was acutely aware that the sun rises and sets each morning, no matter what else is going on in the world, and I can do that for myself too… so I’ve set an alarm for each morning despite not needing to be up for anything in particular, and am trying my best to stick to a bedtime routine too. I can also control my environment so I make sure I have relaxing music on when I’m working, I have nice scents in my diffuser, and I dress in clothes I enjoy wearing… these may seem overly simplistic, but they all send a message to my brain that I am safe, I am loved, I am in control.

Choose your fuel wisely

What you put into your body massively impacts on your mood… choose foods that really nourish you, not just comfort food. For the first two weeks of lock down we were regularly ordering takeaway as a ‘treat’ and to ‘support our local businesses’ While our heart was in the right place, the fall out from it was noticeable. I felt sluggish, I wasn’t sleeping well, and my tummy was constantly sore and bloated. Same goes for alcohol, I love a glass of pinot as much as the next lass, but check in with yourself before you open that bottle – are you drinking out of boredom?

Do a Self-Care Audit

When normal service resumes, we have a very big decision to make… what habits do we want to restart and take into our new lives? Do you really want to go back to working 60 hours a week, with no time to see your family? Or do you want to do life differently? I’ve been reflecting on my own self care and have use this tool to highlight the area’s I maybe need to rethink. You can’t always be responsible for what goes on around you, but you are 100% responsible for knowing what you need to soothe yourself when life gets hard.

I hope this has helped spur some avenues for you to explore!

For my corner of the universe, to yours

Karen x